US_SandySandy: “I have always been interested in design, both database and graphic. About fifteen years ago I became interested in metaphysics and the healing properties of natural gemstones. Since that time I have worked with and enjoyed many stones, either kept in my pocket, worn as jewelry, or used in healing Reiki or bodywork sessions. I created my first Chakra pendant a few years ago. It received so much praise that I decided to start making more to give as gifts. Once I got started designing jewelry, there was no stopping me! I continue to branch out into many different forms of jewelry and other gemstone designs.”



US_PattyPat: “All my life I have adored and collected miniature items: in childhood I amassed Cracker Jacks prizes, vending machine charms, found objects, dollhouse accessories, the glass animals our mother put in our Easter baskets each year… I have also always loved crafts, which I got to do at Girl Scouts, day camp, after-school art lessons.. The first week of school was always an occasion to beg for new jars of paste, scissors, colored pencils, and paints… I remember hiding miniature dolls in a skirt pocket to play with in school because I was so bored with the lessons…

I began making collages in college, which became wall hangings. Now what I usually make are decorated journal books, decorated tiny boxes, and other items…

I am also a poet and writer. My writing life and my published books for purchase may be found at

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  1. Elliot M Fox  November 11, 2013


    I am interested in some of your varieties of jasper, I am specifically looking for Red Leopard Skin Jasper gemstone but if you can maybe give me some other recommendations for some of your favorites that would be great.

    I will be making knife handles out of the material, and some scultpured figures. What type of carving tools would your recommend to be cutting it? And where can I buy the Jasper?

    Thank you very much for your time,

    Elliot M. Fox

    • Sandy  November 13, 2013

      Hi Elliot – I don’t sell stones – I make jewelry from them. And I don’t carve – I buy most of my stones as beads with holes already drilled in them. Sorry I can’t help with your inquiry, but I agree that Red Leopard skin Jasper is a beautiful stone. Good luck finding some for your needs.


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