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Lodolite (Inclusion Quartz)

Lodolite – also referred to as lodolite quartz, lodelite, lodalite, inclusion quartz, scenic quartz, garden quartz, and landscape quartz – is a clear quartz with inclusions. These inclusions may contain hematite, feldspar, or chlorite, as well as numerous other minerals, adding the colors of green, cream, red, orange, and more to the stone. The “Master Healer” quality of clear quartz amplifies the vibrations of these inclusions, increasing the power of lodolite to amplify any energy or intention.

Lodolite heighten one’s spiritual energies and aids in emotional healing by releasing past-life trauma or early childhood memories that cause fear or stress. Because lodolite increases the awareness of one’s emotions, it brings about more positive feelings.

Lodolite also brings soothing guidance from spirit guides. As with other types of quartz, lodolite is associated with the crown chakra. In addition, this stone is helpful for enhancing one’s sensitivity to energy, especially Reiki.

In summary, lodolite is an excellent healing stone, bringing to the user strong energies and energetic shifting that allow healing to occur.

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