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The Attraction of Magnetic Bracelets

Learn about the power of a magnetic field and how easy it is to wear magnets all day long.

What’s so great about magnets?

Science has established that magnetic energy passes through all material and affects all living things. Magnetic fields surround the earth and protect all living things from harmful radiation. These fields also influence human behavior, mental function and physical energy. Magnets can increase the blood flow in capillaries, flushing out lactic acid and other inflammatory substances from tissues, thereby relieving pain and inflammation. Negative magnetic fields oxygenate and alkalize blood, thereby aiding the body’s defense against bacteria, fungi, and parasites, all of which thrive in an acid medium. A negative magnetic field enhances deep restorative sleep as the pineal gland produces melatonin in the presence of a negative magnetic field.

Is Magentic Therapy New?

The earliest recorded use of magnets dates to 2000 B.C. Physicians in ancient Greece, Egypt, India and China described and practiced magnetic therapy which was mentioned in the writings of Homer, Plato, and Aristotle. Magnetic stones are also described in the oldest medical text ever found, the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine. In 1777 the French Royal Society of Medicine became the first academy of its kind to study the magnetic treatment of illnesses. Du Bois Raymond, having proven the body produces electrical impulses, started a revolution in medical investigation of the use of magnets.

What is Magentic Hematite?

Hematite is a natural steel gray or red stone comprised of iron oxide which is the principal ore of iron; in fact, the word hematite comes from the Greek, haimo, meaning blood. This stone is highly effective at grounding and protecting; it balances the meridians, as well as encouraging will power, reliability, courage, and optimism. Hematite also stimulates concentration and focus. In healing, hematite aids in circulation as it restores, strengthens and regulates the blood supply.
Magnetic hematite is created by magnetizing simulated hematite, as natural hematite is extremely brittle and cannot be magnetized or formed into beads, rings, and other shapes. Nearly all of the “hematite” beads (not stones) on the market today are actually simulated, but contain the same chemical composition as “real” hematite. This simulated hematite, often labeled “hematine” or “hemalyke” , is virtually identical to the original and has the same metaphysical properties as natural hematite.
A wide variety of health benefits have been attributed to magnetic jewelry. Magnetic hematite can maintain the natural charge of nerve cells, thus reducing pain. Many use it to improve quality of sleep, aid the immune system, relieve ailments of the hands, wrists and fingers, and generally enhance physical energy and vitality. This stone is also reported to help ease tension headaches and light migraines.

Is that also Magentic Hematite?

Magnetic hematite comes in a variety of shapes: round, barrel, tube, rice, hexagon, and – my personal favorite – the twist. Many other varieties may also be found. Hematite beads can be coated with pastel and ivory colors (called “pearls”), painted with designs over the coating (“Picasso”), or silver-plated. Rainbow hematite gets its beautiful iridescent colors from a metallic coating.
Magnetic jewelry is not recommended for individuals who are pregnant or wear a pacemaker (or work in a pushpin factory!) Be aware that magnets can interfere with (or might erase) magnetic storage such as jump drives and other computer devices. Magnets also can interfere with magnetic badges and time cards. Our hematite beads are not strongly magnetic, so small quantities should not pose a risk, but if you have ten or more strands of them, you might not want to set/store them near any objects that could be affected.

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