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A talisman can be nearly anything that is thought to bring good fortune or provide protection, but it is most often an object. The talisman has a long history in all religions and societies from ancient times to present. The word itself has roots in the Arabic tilasm and the Greek talein, which both translate to “initiation into the mysteries.” In addition to the supernatural or magic, a talisman may acquire power through a natural object such as a gemstone or part of an animal like a rabbit’s foot or bird’s wing. My feather talismans feature both a bird feather, a popular Native American symbol, and a natural gemstone. Some also include a spirit charm.

Often a talisman is worn on the body or kept in a pocket, but may also serve as a protective emblem on walls and doorways. These feather talismans can be worn in your hair, clipped to your backpack or briefcase, or hung from a car mirror, or near your bed or computer. Each one features an additional slider bead to tighten the talisman to a protruding hook or strap.

In addition to the properties of the gemstone attached to each talisman, the color of the feather also imparts these properties.

White feathers symbolize purification, spirituality, hope, protection, peace, and blessings of the Moon.
Red feathers symbolize physical vitality. Also courage, good fortune, and life.
Blue feathers give mental abilities, peace, and protection. Also psychic awareness.
Yellow feathers give cheerfulness, mental alertness, prosperity, and blessings from the Sun.
Green feathers symbolize money, prosperity, growth, health, and fertility.
     Green and red mixed feathers affect financial matters.
Orange feathers bring attraction, energy, and success.
Pink feathers attract love.
Gray feathers symbolize peace and neutrality.
Brown feathers give stability and respect. They also symbolize the home and grounding.Brown feathers striped in black, like the tail feathers of a pheasant, give a balance between the physical and spiritual life.
Brown feathers banded or mixed with white bring happiness and give the kind of protection that enables one to go unnoticed among those who would harm them.
Brown and red mixed feathers bring healing to animals.

Black feathers give the mystical wisdom that comes with true spiritual initiation.
Black, iridescent feathers give mystical insight.
Black and white mixed feathers give union and protection.
Black (or gray) feathers banded or mixed with white give hope, balance and harmony.
Black mixed with purple means deep spirituality.
Black, white, and blue mixed feathers brings change.

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