HMS_EarringsHealing gemstones as wearable art

All of my earrings are crafted from natural gemstones. Sometimes I include other natural objects like mother of pearl, shell, bone, and wood. I also use beads of various metals as spacers. For those looking for hypoallergenic metal, most of my ear wires have a surgical steel base. These earrings come in an exciting array of shapes and styles.

I create artful pieces of jewelry that are not only beautiful to look at, but also offer the wearer healing properties, protection, and other attributes. Earrings aid the wearer in balancing both throat and crown chakras. Wear these earring all day long for maximum benefit of the gemstone’s properties.

Gallery – For Sale Samples   



Pink Tourmaline / Sterling Silver


Green Tourmaline

Gallery – Sold

Golden Fluorite

Rose Quartz

Tourmaline Chips with Goddesses

Tiger Eye

Amethyst with Sterling Silver