HMS_NecklacesFeel healing energy encircle you, radiating into your aura

Necklaces are the most beautiful way to accessorize your neck. Crystal and gemstone necklaces are not just decorative; they bring many other benefits to their wearers. Natural gemstone jewelry brings both the spiritual and physical benefits of crystals into your life in a practical way. When you wear a necklace of gemstones around your neck, their energies radiate in all directions, deeply penetrating your body and aura, or karmic/energetic field. At the same time gemstones’ energies uplift and nourish.

Gallery – For Sale Samples   


Black and White Agate Heart

Green Aventurine Heart
Fossil Agate


Gallery – Sold

Lapis Lazuli Dolphin

Amythest Dolphin on Mother of Pearl

Rhodonite / Howlite with Starfish

Prehnite Heart
Rice Pearl