HMS_PendantsLet healing energy nestle near your heart

A pendant is a type of necklace in which a gemstone or jeweled motif hangs on an otherwise unadorned chain or cord. Pendants may be formal or casual, elaborate or simple. Pendants come with the ability to dress an outfit up or down. Like other jewelry items, gemstone pendants are preferred by both men and women around the globe. Many people just don’t feel “dressed” without them.

The wearing of gemstones may help us center and direct our energies toward how we want to feel and what we want to accomplish on a certain day or in our lives in general. Pendants are best worn over the heart or throat chakra. Adjust the length of the chain or cord to determine at what point the stone falls on your body. Gemstones wrapped with wire allow you to wear your pendant with the gemstone touching the skin, where the light falling on the gemstone passes through the stone into the body of the wearer.

Gallery – For Sale Samples   



Agate Slice

Green Aventurine Donut

Gallery – Sold

Herkimer with Malachite

Golden Fluorite

New Zealand Nephrite Jade

Quartz with Sodalite

Sedona Red Stone with Quartz

Pewter Zodiac with corresponding stones

Fire Opal Boulder



Red Aventurine Heart with Stone Elephant

Leopardskin Jasper

Buffalo Tooth with Red Jasper

Brecciated Jasper Goddess

Blackstone Heart on Mother of Pearl

Australian Opal Boulder


Stone Arrowhead with Lapis Lazuli