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In Eastern/Indian philosophy, it is believed that we transmit and receive physical, emotional, and spiritual energy through our chakras. The chakras are believed to exist in a lateral line within the body from the top of the head down to the reproductive organs, and it is important to keep them balanced. Using the energy of stones, especially those that correspond to particular chakras, we can help balance the subtle energies that govern our bodies.

“What are Chakras?

My chakra jewelry items are made with semi-precious stones, arranged in a rainbow formation to echo the arrangement of the chakras in the body. Choose from chakra necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets (with or without magnetic hematite), anklets, rings, and key chains, to keep your chakras and the subtle energies that govern our bodies in balance.


Gallery – For Sale    


Chakra Rainbow Gemstone Necklace with Yin Yang Charm

Chakra Rainbow 6mm Gemstone Pendant with Yin Yang Charm

Chakra/Rainbow Stretch Bracelet with Snow Quartz

Chakra Rainbow 6mm Gemstone Pendant with Pentacle Charm

Chakra/Rainbow Gemstone Earrings

Chakra Rainbow 8mm Gemstone Pendant with Triquetra Charm

Custom Orders

I welcome custom orders. Check out What are Chakras? For more information on the chakras and to see whicframeh chakra stones are available.

Gallery – Sold

Earrings with Chakra chip beads

Butterfly Pendant with Chakra beads

Chakra Necklace with 6mm Round Chakra beads and glass spacers


Chakra Rainbow Gemstone Necklace – 6mm Round

Chakra/Rainbow Gemstone 6mm Round Pendant with Starfish Charm

Chakra/Rainbow Magnetic Hematite Stretch Bracelet

Chakra/Rainbow Magnetic Hematite Stretch Bracelet with Yin Yang Charm