HMS_AccCharmsBring the healing power with you!

We don’t always wear the same jewelry every day, but we can adorn other objects that are close to us on a daily basis with natural gemstones. From key rings that may be in our pocket all day to charms to hang on our phone, zipper, purse or backpack, this collection will offer the same vibrations and benefits you get from wearing jewelry. Be creative! Gemstone charms may also adorn your computer to help you concentrate, hang from your bed post to help you sleep, or be held in your hand when you meditate. My stretch rings can be worn on your fingers; or slide a ring up onto your scarf to keep it closed.

Gallery – Sold

Purse Bling/Dangly Charms – African Calcite and Quartz

Purse Bling/Dangly Charms – Sesame Jasper, Green Aventurine

Key Ring – Fire Agate

Phone Charm/Zipper Pull – Green Aventurine Heart

Phone Charm/Zipper Pull – Rose Quartz Heart

Purse Bling/Dangly Charms – Sodalite