HMS_CollageUnique designs for books in which to record thoughts, dreams, and to tell your own story

Miniatures become for each of us icons, talismans, friends we can take places with us as magical objects, or just amusements. Collage also involves found objects– I try to find much of what I add to my creations… I like to use natural objects as well: tiny stones, feathers, birch bark, shells… Searching everywhere (junk mail, labels, ads, brochures, business cards) for material, plus establishing collections of things, also becomes part of this endeavor…

Custom Orders

Specific designs may be custom-ordered: grandparent gioft books with the child’s photo added and his/her special interests reflected; writers’ notebooks, bird and flower gardening notebooks; woodland designs, outdoor adventure naturalist journals, recipe notebooks, etc. Just ask for a unique design for yourself or for a gift!

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