Encircle your wrists with healing earth energy.

Natural gemstone bracelets surround your wrists and radiate up into your aura with the healing energy of the specific gemstone. With the addition of magnetic hematite to the bracelet, wearers receive a wide variety of health benefits that have been attributed to magnetic jewelry. Magnetic hematite can maintain the natural charge of nerve cells, thus reducing pain. Many use it to improve quality of sleep, aid the immune system, relieve ailments of the hands, wrists and fingers, and generally enhance physical energy and vitality. Magnetic hematite is also reported to help ease tension headaches and light migraines.

My stretch bracelets are made with a strong elastic cord that makes it easy to take on and off your wrist. I also offer triple power magnetic hematite bracelets strung with super strong 49 strand stainless steal beading wire and a 5000 Gauss magnetic clasp.

Discover how easy it is to wear magnets all day long!

Learn more about the power of a magnetic field and magnetic hematite:  

The Attraction of Magnetic Bracelets


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