Spirit Charms

Connect with the powerful energies of a spirit symbol combined with a natural gemstone.

A wide variety of spiritual traditions are represented in our jewelry. Let the combined energy nestle near your heart with a Spirit Pendant, or encircle your wrists with a Spirit Bracelet. Read more about each symbol in our guide and in-depth blog series. These spirit symbols can also be found on our Feather Talismans.

Spirit Symbol Guide

Learn about each of the symbols used in our jewelry creations. Click Here

Spirit Symbols In-Depth

Read more about our symbols with in-depth reviews. Click Here

Spirit Bracelets

Read more about all of our bracelets. Click Here

Gallery of Spirit Pendants

Below is our holiday collection from 2016. Many are still available for sale, but not yet in our on-line store. If you see something you like, just contact me to arrange purchase and enjoy FREE shipping.





Yin Yang
Dream Catcher
Eye of Horus

Double Infinity
Star of David