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Tourmaline – The Colorful Healing Crystal

The beautifully hued stone, tourmaline, often serves as a powerful mental healer as well as a wonderful stress reducer. Tourmaline is highly electromagnetic, which works to purify the entire body, including the auric field. Well-known for its ability to absorb tremendous amounts of negative energy, this gem works to dispel conditions of negativity, including fear. Tourmaline may be extremely useful for the protection and grounding of personal energy and also enhances sensitivity and understanding.

Tourmaline consists of a complex silicate of boron and aluminum; its varied composition of inherent substances defines its colors plus the specific healing properties of each. A variety of color effects may often be seen within a single crystal when viewed from different directions.

Black Tourmaline (Schorl)

Black Tourmaline repels rather than absorbs negative energy, deflecting any negativity back into the earth. Connecting with the body’s base Chakra, this stone grounds energy, which disperses tension and stress. Black Tourmaline also increases physical vitality, defends against debilitating disease, and strengthens the immune system, as well as treating dyslexia and arthritis. Use it to protect against cell phones and electromagnetic smog. Black tourmaline also enhances plant growth.

Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite)

Use Blue Tourmaline for communication and clarity of self-expression. This stone sublimates and heals discord, chaos, conflict, doubt, and confusion. Bright Blue Tourmaline is useful as a diagnostic tool, identifying underlying causes of disease. Blue Tourmaline may serve as a remedy for insomnia, night sweats, sinusitis, and bacterial infections. Dark Blue Tourmaline is helpful for the eyes and brain. Blue-Green Tourmaline is ideal for any situations in which a peaceful flow of energy is needed, promoting tolerance, open-mindedness, and acceptance.

Brown Tourmaline (Dravide)

Containing the essence of both the sun and the earth, Brown Tourmaline is an excellent stone for grounding and clearing the root Chakra, which relates to earth energy.  Wear brown tourmaline while cultivating the garden. Dravide clears the aura, and aligns the etheric body, as well as treating intestinal disorders and skin diseases.

Green Tourmaline (Verdelite)

The color of green tourmaline comes from its high sodium content; its many green hues can vary from very light to almost black. This green color attunes Verdelite to the heart Chakra, promoting compassion, tenderness, patience, and a sense of belonging. Like many green stones, this variety of tourmaline increases our receptivity, allowing greater harmony with our surroundings as well as with the natural world.  Green tourmaline aids sleep and quiets the mind; it may be useful as a detoxifier and healing agent for constipation and diarrhea. Use this stone as well for balance and to treat hyperactivity.

Red Tourmaline (Rubellite)

One of the most beautiful of the pink crystals, Red Tourmaline ranges from a delicate shell pink to a rhubarb red. Usually these crystals appear translucent, but occasionally may seem intensely dense, almost opaque. We’ve discussed the properties of pink tourmaline, the “love stone,” in a previous issue-and indeed, pink tourmaline is also a Rubellite. Red Tourmaline stimulates the will, the instincts, and the memory.  This stone offers great strengthening and protecting effects on the heart Chakra, thus balancing the emotions.

Watermelon Tourmaline

Often Tourmaline combines shades of both red and green, a perfect combination for the balance and super activation of the heart Chakra and the emotions. Watermelon Tourmaline will work to heal any situation in which extreme conflict is a factor, as the combined pink and green coloration demonstrates how opposites may work together in harmony to achieve beautiful results.

Yellow Tourmaline

Yellow Tourmaline stimulates the solar plexus; as with other yellow crystals, it helps to balance the solar plexus Chakra.

Colorless Tourmaline (Achorite)

Colorless Tourmaline synthesizes all other colors and opens the crown Chakra. Use it in healing to align the meridians of the physical and etheric bodies.

Multicolored Gem Tourmaline (Elbaite)

As Elbaite contains all colors, this stone brings mind, body, spirit, and soul into wholeness. Elbaite serves as an excellent stone for the formation of imagery and the promotion of dreams, inspiring creativity through an enhanced imagination. This stone provides an inner gateway into the core self and thus on to higher spiritual realms. Use it in healing to stimulate the immune system and metabolism.

Tourmalinated Quartz

Tourmaline commonly crystallizes alongside quartz and often penetrates it. Tourmalinated quartz combines the qualities of both stones: clearing and grounding, energizing and protecting.

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